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April 2016

Jim’s Corner

I had a good trip to the Run to the Sun show in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It was really good to get back into the groove with an outdoor show with plenty of sunshine.   It was also good to see all the members who came by.  Although we had plenty of sunshine, my time at the Beach had a black cloud over it.  On the way down, we got a call that Deb’s dad had taken a turn for the worse.  Deb rented a car in Columbia, SC and returned home to be with her dad.  She wanted me to go on because I had all the gear in the Humpback for our booth.  I left the show early afternoon on Saturday and got home about six hours before he passed.  He was a great guy and one of my best friends.  He will be greatly missed.  He would always kid me about how many times I was going to put the engine in the Humpback and remove it.  I would just respond by saying “Well, I just need to make sure everything fits”.  He was a retired Trucker and I really enjoyed hearing all the stories that he would tell about his early years of trucking.  He really enjoyed meeting and talking to all the Street Rodders who came to our Thunder Road cook-outs at our home.  Thanks to all who called, sent cards and those who came to the service.

Deb and I are going to go to Charlotte, NC to the Auto Fair.  We will be set up on spot CCB-043 in the Blue Field if you are going to be there and want to come by to hang out.  Everyone who gets a copy of the Newsletter by slow mail may not get the newsletter in time for this information.

Just a reminder to everyone going on the 2016 Vintage Rod Tour to make sure they have all their reservations made because the discounted prices and block of rooms will be removed about the middle of this month.  Deb and I will be leaving Kingsport around 8:00 on Saturday if anyone wants to hook up with us for the trip to Nashville.

Below is a picture of a few of the members attending this year’s show.  Because of the possibility of rain, the awards time was altered and conflicted with our 1:00 picture time.


photo 1.JPG

Piston Power Show

Some of our Ohio Reps. had a booth at the Piston Power Show in Cleveland, Ohio.  Ohio Rep. Ken Limpert played a big part in accruing our booth and helping to make sure it was manned at all times.  We would also like to thank other Ohio Members who helped man the booth.  Thanks to Stan Vansach, Russ Walters, Brian Pekala, Bill Nicholl, Jim Krejci, Keith Dawson and Casey Vansach.  Ohio Rep. Ken Limpert presents Bob Thicke with the VSRA Pick in the picture below.  The next picture is Bill Nichol and Keith Dawson at our Piston Power Booth.





Ohio Nationals

We are looking forward to returning back to Medina for the Sixth Annual Ohio Nationals.  Hopefully, we will have better weather this year.  The Fairgrounds has built a new office and we will be using it for our registration.  This should be a much better setup for us.  We will again have our Thursday night Cruise-In on the downtown square.  The town officials have promised us that we will have more parking this year.  Our free cook-out for the participants will be at VSRA Member Dave Hermann’s place.  If you come, you will be able to check out Dave’s collection of Cushman motorcycles and a variety of antique cars and street rods.  We are also hoping to have our new Back Seat Driving game ready for this show.  You will be able to test your wife’s ability to tell you where to go.  You will not want to miss this.

We have also made another joint effort with the All Ohio Parts Spectacular group.  They will be handling all the Swap Meet Vendors.  This group has a large following of swap meet vendors who will be at our show.  With all of this going on, you will not want to miss the Sixth Annual Ohio Nationals.  The confirmation cards will be mailed out around the first of June.

2016 Ozark Mountain Vintage Rod Tour

Our Tour this year is almost 700 miles and the longest one day drive is only 230 miles, so we should have plenty of time to make any scenic stops that we would like to do. We have been told that the Ozark Mountains makes a great road tour. We will be in a different location every day except when we get to the Ft. Worth, Tex. area. For anyone who is interested, The Lone Star Super Nationals car show will be held at the Texas Motor Speedway April 28 – May 1 in
Fort Worth, Texas. Our location will be in Bedford, Tex. at the Super 8, which is a short distance from the track. The manager of the Super 8 told me that this hotel has just been refurbished with all new furniture. The price is the best I could find since that is a big weekend in that area.

Three days may seem like a long time to stay at one show, but the Lone Star Super Nationals is a show that is comparable to the Auto Fair in Charlotte. You will not be able to see it in one day. I have been told that there are usually over 10,000 vendors at this show. And of course, being in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, there should be a lot of shopping areas for the ladies if they don’t want to go to the show every day. Keep in mind that this schedule is only a guide line and if you want or need to modify your travel plans, then feel free to do so. Those of you who are going on the tour and want to register for the Lone Star Super Nationals, you may do so by going to Those of you who don’t have a computer and want to register can just call us at 423-571-6430 and we will send you a flyer.

Our goal with our Vintage Rod Tours are to promote comradery within VSRA, promote VSRA in different parts of the country and of course, see different parts of the country. So let us know if you plan on going by giving us a call and we will send you a 2016 Ozark Mountain Vintage Rod Tour sticker for your car.

  • Sat. April 23rd    Club- Hotel      2435 Atrium Way, Nashville, Tn.             $115        615-883-0500

  • Sun. April 24th    Comfort Inn and Suites   1510 E. Main St., Blytheville, Ar.    $96       224 miles   870-763-0900 

  • Mon. April 25th    The Hub    1 Dogbatch Blvd, Marble Falls, Ar.        $60.00       230 miles   800-597-9963 

  • Tues. April 26th     Candlewood Suites      3404 Central Ave, Hot Springs, Ar.          148 miles $86 single king bed / $106 double beds     501-624-4000 

  • Wed. April 27th      Hilton Garden Inn    2910 S Cowhorn Creek Loop, Texarkana, Texas      111 miles     $80      903-792-1065

  • Thurs. April 28th thru May 1st      Super 8     1800 Airport Freeway, Bedford, Texas    190 miles    $60 single king / $70 double beds      817-545-8108

2016 VSRA Events

The Ohio Nationals      Medina, Ohio    June 24th and 25th
Vintage Rod Tour        Nashville, Tn – Ft. Worth, Tx    April 23-May 1st 
Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies    Maggie Valley, NC     August 12th and 13th 

Wayne’s Corner

Good Afternoon VSRA members!  I'm Wayne "Old Buckarooo" Buxton from Aiken, SC, and I'm honored to be selected by Jim and Debbie Bledsoe to lead the Southeastern Division of the Vintage Street Rodders of America (VSRA). My background is Drag Racing (IHRA & NHRA) and working as a Rep. for Goodguy's for over 22 years.  I joined VSRA 3 yrs ago, when NSRA went up on their years, as many of you also did!  I have enjoyed participating with cars that truly represent real hot rods, 48 and down!  I volunteered to be a State Rep. from South Carolina and help out anyway I could.  I was surprised to receive the Pioneer Award at the 2015 Thunder Road Rod Run in Piney Flats,TN and after 22 yrs of giving out awards and signing up over 5200 GG members, it was my first award plaque.  It meant a lot to this old car fool!  This past month, I was challenged by Jim and Debbie to lead the State the Southeastern Section of the USA.  What a surprise!!!  I will try to do my best for ya'll, and try to make VSRA grow.

Enough BS about me, let’s talk about some new changes in the VSRA Southeastern states (La. AL. Ga. NC, SC and sunny FL)

We've added some new State Reps. in some states and brought on new Reps. in states that had no coverage and no members!  Many thanks to Jerry Ousley from Lake Charles, La; Jim and Sheila Whipp from Vero Beach, Fl and a new Rep, Gene Warm from Port St. Lucie, Fl. Fred Countryman from Camden, SC replaced Herb Winner who is taking a year off, finally Johnson Davis, from Fuquay-Varina, NC has replaced Roger Campbell.  Thanks Roger for your service!  Many thanks to our new State Reps. that represent you the members in your state. I feel sure you will be seeing at a show or hearing from your Rep. as to what he/she can do to make your VSRA experience better and more meaningful!  Communicate with your Rep. when you have a problem, a complaint or just to say thanks for being there for me!

The "Ohio Nationals" in Medina, Ohio on June 24 & 25, 2016 will still be as ever, and I hope to attend my first show way up in the Midwest. I will be going up Interstate Hwy.77 from Columbia, SC to Akron, Ohio and staying at the Host Hotel (Hawthorn Suites in Seville, OH. 

Anyone wanting to join me on the trip, I will be going north on Wed. the 22nd of June!  I'm sure the new show on the southeastern regional schedule will be well received in the southern states, "Smokin Rodz" in the Smokies at Maggie Valley, NC will be a great show and is in a great location.  Let’s all show our support and make it the largest VSRA Show ever. The Smokey Mountain weather is usually very nice around August 12 & 13, 2016.  Two great VSRA Shows in 2016 and maybe more in the planning stage!!!

Looking forward to communicating with ya'll each month, and you can always call me or e-mail me at waybux13 @ gmail or 803-215-8525.  Let’s get out and support VSRA in 2016!

Wayne "Old Buckarooo" Buxton

Southeastern Director of VSRA     Aiken, SC              

Ron’s Corner

Well, good day to all of you!!!  I have been asked to re-introduce myself to you. So here is an over view of how I got to here ! For starters I have intrigued with the modified automobile since the ripe old age of 6. My father and best friend, Joe Portman built and raced dirt track cars in the early 50s. At the age of 9 I put my first floor shift in my Uncle's Chevy. I was the only one small enough to get under the car so I was elected to 'get dirty' by doing the bottom work. I think there was more grease on me by the time we finished than was left under the old car ! My father was NOT impressed. From there I went on to build my version of peddle type cars with rope steering and homemade 'drag' brakes. Some worked, some didn't. .My first real car was a 1940 Ford found while doing farm fence repair on a dairy farm I worked at after school. Once I got it home I disassembled everything I could just to see what was in there! I spent all summer's earnings  assembling a '53 Buick V/8 to put back in the old Ford as the flathead just wasn't a part of my vision for the finished car. Inspiration came from any articles read in the ' little pages' magazines available back then. But when I got the motor done my Dad wouldn't allow me  to install it in the old Ford saying that I had no experience with driving and would not be able to handle such a car !  So I had to settle for a Chevy with a 6 cylinder and powerglide to appease my dad,

But then came high school. There I made friends with other like minded young 'mechanics' and we devised own plans. Before long I had a real hot rod with a 3/4 race cam ( remember those? ) and dual exhaust, a close ratio 3 speed and 4:11 rear gears, all without Dad knowing what I had done.

Ahh, the goings on of a young man trying to be his own worst enemy !!

Ok fast forward and I was lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable older man tuck me under his trained wing and teach me how to build an engine and suspension for not only speed, but safety as well. He was a great mentor and became the first of many to show me how to do many things in the automotive world. I have owned/operated everything from service stations to being a partner in a new car dealership. After jobs in and around cars most of my life I turned my favorite hobby into a career and opened my own rod shop. There we did complete builds or repairs/additions for customers. After many years of that I added a parts store to the shop and had both sales and service. I retired from that in 2013 and now 'play' with a few customer/friends cars and am trying to finish my own projects.

I have been involved with modified cars and trucks ever since in one fashion or another. Past president of local clubs, 2 term president of our states street rod association, state rep for Kustoms of America, worked with a great staff for Carl Casper Custom Auto Show and currently involved as state rep for VSRA in Kentucky and finally newly appointed northern Division Director for Vintage Street Rodders of America. 

So there in a nut shell is who I am and how I got to here.  If I can be of service or help in any way, please feel free to ask !  It is an honor to be of assistance to my fellow rodders


Ron & Dee - still smiling


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