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August 2016

Jim’s Corner

Deb and I have been going to a lot of car shows this year.  With the Panel Truck finished and running good, we feel that this is the best thing we can do for Vintage Street Rodders because it is  good advertising.  You can’t miss it going down the road and when you show up at the shows, people notice it because they have never seen one before.  I have talked to three people who have actually seen one.  We are going to be gone every weekend for the month of August.  Last weekend, we went to Hiawassee, Ga. for the Moonshine Cruize-In.  The first week in August we are going to the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, Ky.  I have been encouraged by some of our members to go back to the Nationals.  I finally thought, why not, we are just another Street Rod Club just like all the other Street Rod Clubs that go every year and rent tents and hang out.  We’re not going to the show to set up and hand out information about VSRA, although if someone should ask, I will be glad to hand them a VSRA info card.  Cruising around the fairgrounds will be, in itself, good advertising for VSRA.  I just hope I can stomach seeing all the Mustangs and Camaros at what used to be the best Street Rod Show in the country.  The very next week we will be in Maggie Valley putting on the Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies Show.  After our show, we will be going to the Brookville Roadster Open House near Dayton, Ohio on August 20th.  Who knows, maybe Brookville Roadster would like to hook up with us as a sponsor.  After all, their product is very appealing to most of our members.  We will finish off the end of August by going to the Frog Follies, the granddaddy of all the Pre-49 Shows.  Hope to see you there.

Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies

For those of you coming to our show and will be there on Thursday night, there is a Piano Man performing from 6:00-9:30 at the Maggie Valley Inn in the Dining Room.  They have a country buffet that night at the hotel ($11.95) and if you would like to dine at the hotel and be entertained by the Piano Man, you will need to call the Hotel to make reservations.  This is an option for our participants who are not going to the Wheels Through Time Museum for the Cruise-in from 5-7:00.  

We have a new block of rooms at the Microtel Motel.  If you are still in need of a room, you can call them at 828-926-8554.  Ask for Vintage Street Rodders. 

Jim Whipp, one of our Florida Reps, and his wife Sheila have graciously volunteered to do the Silent Auction at the Smokin’ Rodz show.  They are bringing some of the things that they have collected over the years that they do not have any use for to donate to this auction.  If you have anything you would like to donate to the silent auction, we would appreciate it.  The money we raise from the auction will be used for advertising.   It is very expensive to try to get the word out about VSRA.

Frog Follies

Anyone going to the Frog Follies who would like to help us man our booth, please send us a note so we can schedule you a time to work.  If we have enough volunteers, we can do two hour shifts on each day.  Hope to see a lot of our members at the Frog Follies.  (streetrod34coupe @ or 423-571-6430)

Tool Chest Raffle

We need all the members who sold the tool chest tickets to make sure they return all the stubs of the tickets that were sold along with the money they collected by August the 9th.   If you are coming to the show, you can just bring the stubs and money and turn it in before we do the drawing.  We will be drawing for the tool chest at the Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies show in Maggie Valley on August 13th.

Wayne’s Corner

Happy August to all the VSRA membership.   I just wanted to touch on two of the VSRA Constitution and Bylaws (Article II OBJECTIVES)

1. To promote the interest in restoring and driving Pre-1949 cars and trucks.

9. To be considered for VSRA Picks, your vehicle must be driven to the show and have a minimum of 1,000 miles on the odometer.

Article #1 and #9 point out that members that attend VSRA events should be DRIVING their cars to our show if they want to be considered for a VSRA Pick.  Most of our members do drive their cars to our events, BUT we continue to see trailers in the parking lots of host hotels and trailered cars appear on the show field!  I personally enjoy looking at the perfect trailered hot rod, but the perfect ride, that comes out of a trailer does not qualify to get a VSRA Pick Award!  I understand that some of the street rods built are not all weather cars and some are just too cammed up to be driven long distance.  I’m not trying to discourage you from coming to our shows but please do not expect to get a VSRA Pick.  Our Picks are reserved for the ones who drive their street rod. 

I feel real sad that my medical problems (Big C) got in the way of attending the Ohio Nationals in Medina, but I sent my ace trophy hunter from South Carolina to come home with a VSRA Pick Award.  Congrats to Herb and Debbie Winner from Ridgeway, SC and his very cool 32 Ford Roadster. While on the subject of Herb Winner, he has decided to return to the VSRA notables and will resume his position as a State Rep. in South Carolina.  He remains a charter member and life time member of VSRA, and I welcome him back with open arms.  Congrats also to NC State Rep. Sam Bristow on winning the Mayors Choice at the Ohio Nats.  Sam is a long time State Rep. and very active in VSRA and the hot rod hobby.  From the pictures I saw of the show, it looked like the quality, fit and finish of those Ohio Street Rods were top notch, Maybe next year I'll get up north again!

I will be acting as the Event Director at Maggie Valley, under Jim's watchful eye, and will do my utmost to make the show a pleasant experience for all that attend. The Southeastern State Reps. will be selecting the VSRA Picks.  Ron Goben and I will select some State Reps. to honor for their hard work and added responsibility.

I know I speak for all the Southeastern Div.State Reps that we look forward to greeting ya'll at the Smokin Rodz in the Smokies Car Show in beautiful Maggie Valley, NC on Aug, 12-13.  The weather should be cool in the evening and a mite warm during the day!  I recommend eating supper at Arnolds, and speak from experience.

Wayne "Buckarooo" Buxton
Southeastern Division Director of VSRA    


Ron’s Corner

Well this ole summer time just keeps on rollin on!! Hard to believe that we have already had a great time in Medina, Ohio and are planning the trip to Maggie Valley! But it’s true.

The V.S.R.A. event in Medina was blessed with great, although a little warm (but dry!), weather this year. The cruise down town saw a light sprinkle or two but didn’t stop the fun. The balance of the week end found Mr. Sunshine out doing his thing as all those in attendance enjoyed the performance. While maybe a little light in numbers there was no shortage of great cars and people sharing this rod run. The Medina fairgrounds have under gone some renovations and upgrades which helped and it was announced that by next year the roads will have been resurfaced! Fantastic, just makes a great location even better.

But by far the hi-light of this year’s run was the Friday night picnic. Previous years outing were held at the home/shop of member Carl Bilski, a.k.a. The Sandman!! Touring his place and seeing all the great things he does made each visit very special. However, due to health issues, he felt that hosting this year’s party was not possible. We wish him well and send our prayers for his recovery and regaining strength.

So this year, we went to the home of Dave and Mary Herrmann some eight or so miles from the fairgrounds. A beautiful country ride to the farm found an amazing location for our gathering. As one turned into the driveway you were guided past the house, the garage and the barn to a field adjacent to a man made pond with a small island centered in the water. A pavilion type building with tables and cooking equipment awaited our arrival. As those in attendance marveled at the fantastic views and surroundings, the dinner of premium hot dogs and chicken breasts were being prepared by Bill Nicholl and Bill Busch.  Also on the menu were potato salad and beans as well as water and soft drinks. A feast no doubt!!

Now as we talked with and were introduced to our host, we were informed that he had a great collection of interesting “toys” and we were invited to inspect them.  Very interesting indeed. Every building housed something of interest from early bicycles, Whizzers, Early Harley motorcycles to Cushman scooters and even some very rare automobiles. As we entered the first of several buildings,  we were greeted by several Cushman scooters in various stages from completely restored to ‘as found’. What caught my eye first was the super rare Cushman ice cream vendors ‘truck’. Sitting there in pristine condition dressed in white it was just as remembered from many days ago in my youth.  32 From the early 1900s when the company started production until the mid 1960s the company built scooters in different styles and were quite popular. Eventually scaling down to production of golf cart type units, most production ended and the company was purchased by Ryan Equipment in 1968. Today Cushman scooters are highly sought after collectibles. Though several versions were produced by other companies, they all look similar.  Sort of.  But they aren’t. But they are desirable. The Cushman scooters were widely used in bigger cities and metropolitan areas.  Our host seemed to have a knack for finding some pretty neat examples.

But that’s not all he collects. We also found some extremely rare automobiles such as the 1933 REO 5 window rumble seat coupe that he has restored. It keeps company with a grand 1941 Ford convertible. Elsewhere on the property we found more units awaiting their turn in the rebuild shop. In the shop itself sat a 1934 REO roadster!  The only one I have ever seen. It is in the process of restoration. He also showed us his restored REO dump truck, a nice Model A roadster, some more Whizzers, and an early small tractor of some sort.

Our many ‘Thanks to our host for not only the grand tours but also for allowing us to use your property for the picnic around your wonderful lake/pond area.   An outing, not soon forgotten by all those who were fortunate enough to be in attendance.

But that was yesterday and yesterdays gone – as the song says!!  So now it’s on to Maggie Valley!! Do Not miss this show and all the sights in the Smokies as we ad street rod color to the territories natural beauty.

Ron Goben

Northeast Director on VSRA


                                          Below are some pictures taken at the Cook-out.

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