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Feb 17

Jim’s Corner

By now everyone should have received your 2017 VSRA Show flyers.  I hope you will put at least one of our shows on this year’s calendar.  If you would like to have some flyers to hand out at local shows, please call us at 423-571-6430  or send an e-mail to  We had a great time in Knoxville, Tn. at the Cabin Fever Show.  We had a very productive VSRA meeting on Saturday night.  There were ten VSRA State Reps. and eight other VSRA members at the meeting.  I would like to thank each and everyone of the following who took the time to come to Knoxville to help and attend our meeting:  Ron Goben - Northeast Director,  Wayne Buxton - Southeast Director,  Jerry Johns - Alabama State Rep., Roger Campbell - North Carolina State Rep., Sam Bristow - North Carolina State Rep.,  Chester Stevens - Kentucky State Rep.,  Jimmy Ousley - Georgia State Rep.,  Charles Ray - Louisiana State Rep.,  Ronald and Cathy Atkins - Tenn. State Rep., Fred Countryman - South Carolina State Rep., Dean and Linda Hempel, Charles Beysher, Rod Hackney and Johnny White.

I would like to thank Sam Bristow for agreeing to take the Southeast Director position in case Wayne Buxton has any health issues that would prevent him from being involved with his Reps.  Wayne, who has had some health issues over the past few years, requested Sam to take over if his health ever becomes an issue.  We all hope Wayne has many more years as our Southeast Director.

Special thanks to Ronald Atkins who will be our Tennessee State Rep.  Ronald runs a transmission shop in Corryton, Tenn.  Ron has built transmissions for some very famous streetrod builders over the years.  Ron has always been a very dedicated VSRA member helping give out our show flyers at the many shows that he and Cathy attend.

*** Please check out our new State Rep. page on our website.  We have added pictures of all the State Reps. so that you can get familiar with who they are.  Our website is Remember to visit the website from time to time through Google, Yahoo or Bing to keep our club vibrant in the search listings.  'Cause it's your club’.  Like anything else, it has to have activity.  Also, when the newsletter gets too long and that often happens when everyone has a lot to build upon, the full newsletter will be on the website.

Vintage Street Rodder Chat

Vintage Street Rodders of America has had a Facebook page for several years now.  We would like everyone to share the post with the show flyers and ask your friends to share also.  Ron Goben has set up a new VSRA facebook page called Vintage Street Rodder Chat.  This is a product of our discussion at our Knoxville meeting.  This is a site where our members can communicate with each other and also show everyone what you are working on.  This is a closed site meaning that you need to be accepted by one of our administrators.  To be able to post things, follow the following steps.  1. Go to the Vintage Street Rodder Chat site.  2. Click on join in the upper right hand corner.  All VSRA members will automatically be approved within 24 hours.  Friends and nonmembers will be approved upon verification of interest.  So log on and let’s start communicating.

Street Rod Safari

The Street Rod Safari will be our first regional show in Asheboro, N.C. at the North Carolina Zoo.  Sam Bristow and Rod Hackney presented this idea of having a one day regional show at the North Carolina Zoo at our Knoxville meeting.  The North Carolina Zoo is the largest walk through Zoo in the world at 1371 acres.  After the very good presentation by Sam and Rod, everyone thought this would be an excellent idea.  The date for the show this year will be on May 20th.  More details will be coming as we get everything worked out.

2017  VSRA  Events

Louisiana Road Trip         Meet in Birmingham, Al and travel to Baton Rouge. La.      February 22-26, 2017

Ohio Nationals                                 Medina, Ohio                                                                June 23-24, 2017

Street Rod Safari                              Asheboro, North Carolina                                            May 20, 2017

Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies         Maggie Valley, North Carolina                                  August 11-12, 2017

2017 Vintage Rod Tour          Meet in Chattanooga, Tenn. travel to Boerne, Tex.       October 8-15, 2017

2017 Vintage Rod Tour

Our 2017 Vintage Rod Tour will begin on Oct. 9th in Chattanooga, Tenn. and end up at the Key to the Hills car show in Boerne, Texas.  This year’s Key to the Hills car show will be on Oct. 13-15.  We will meet in Chattanooga on Sunday Oct. 8th and leave on Monday to travel to Montgomery,  Alabama.  On Tuesday, we will travel to Jackson, Mississippi.   On Wednesday, we will travel to Dallas, Texas.  Our last travel day will be on Thursday where we will end up in Boerne, Texas where we will attend one of the longest running Pre-49 car shows called the Key to the Hills which will run till Sunday Oct 15th.  Sure hope you decide to join us for this memory making trip.  Hotel information and details of some activities along the way will be detailed in the March Newsletter.  Below is a breakdown of the daily mileage.

Monday Oct. 9         Chattanooga, Tenn. to Montgomery, Al.  220 miles

Tuesday Oct. 10       Montgomery, Al. to Monroe, La      365 miles

Wednesday Oct. 11   Monroe, La. to Dallas, Texas     285 miles

Thursday Oct. 12       Dallas, Texas to Boerne, Texas     293 miles

                                                                                                                                                                                      1163 total miles


Wayne’s Corner

How ya'll doing this winter season!  Uncover your ride and dust it off, and come join us on a ride to be remembered !!

Just got out from under my 39 Chevy Road Warrior changing the oil (Royal Purple 10-30) and filter in preparation of our winter ultimate road trip down to bayou country (Baton Rouge, La)!  We all have our own preference in motor oil, but I have been using Royal Purple ever since it hit the market!  I also use a magnetic Filter Mag on my H.P. Fram filter!  I change oil and filter every 10,000 miles and always cut my old filter apart to see if I have any bad stuff in there. Now I'm ready for anything that a road trip may throw at me!  Living down south in Aiken, South Carolina we get to go to cruise-ins pretty much year round and with clubs in Aiken, SC and Augusta, Ga.(33 mi), so it's great to go on a long winter rod run this winter.

By now you have heard that we our planning " The Ultimate Winter Street Rod Trip" to Baton Rouge, La. to attend the Ramblin Oldies on Denham Springs Car Club's 39th Annual "R.O.D.S Run Street Rod Show"!  Wow that's a lot of years to put on a show  for Pre-49 Street rods!  I first heard about the show from our travelin State Rep. Jim Whipp of Florida.  He had attended  it in 2016 and really enjoyed the show, and then Charles Ray, a member of the Ramblin Oldies on Denham Springs Car Club, came on as a La. State Rep. for us, it seemed like a great place to cruise to in the winter months in 2017.  Looking forward to seeing some of you hardy souls that have decided to join Jim and Debbie and Rose and I on the Ultimate VSRA Road Trip to Baton Rouge, La. on Feb. 22-26 to attend the famous Pre-49 R.O.D.S Car Show. 

The R.O.D.S., Pre-49, Car Show in Baton Rouge, La. should start the spring off with a VSRA Bang!  The Show, Feb.23-26,  is right in the middle of Marti-Gras season in Baton Rouge. Please, if you’re going on the ultimate road trip, with Jim and Debbie Bledsoe and the Buckarooo and Rose, get your reservation into the host Hotel(Hampton Inn) (#225-757-4600) which is next to the show.  Send me an email and I will send a flyer on the RODS Show right to your computer!  On the way down to Baton Rouge, we will be making a overnight stop on Feb. 22 at the Drury Inn on the I-495 Southeast bypass in Birmingham ,AL(#205-967-2450)   We have a block of rooms with great rates, but do call early!   Rates are $99. for Kings and $89 for 2 Queen beds, pretty good I believe with all the free stuff at Supper (booze and great food)! 

Here is the link for the Drury Inn::
https://www.druryhotels.c om/Reservations.aspx?groupno=2 290121  The Hampton Inn in Baton Rouge, La.  225-751-4600 has special car show rates.  They are $92.00 +tax   The hotel may still have rooms at the normal rates, but remember it's the weekend before Marti-Gras, so rooms are at a premium!  We will depart from Birmingham down I-20/59 toward New Orleans and then I-12 to Baton Rouge!  Big Fun in Bayou Country and lots of Pre-49 driven Hot Rods!  Let's all show them that the VSRA has the best travelers in the Southeastern part of the USA! 

Plans are being finalized for our first Spring Southeastern Regional Car show in Asheboro, NC on the 20th of May!  The "Street Rod Safari" to the N.C. State Zoo is being finalized by N.C. State Rep. Sam Bristow and Rod Hackney with info to follow!  I do know it will be a one day show with full support of the VSRA.  This will give VSRA members in the southeast another venue to show off their rides and enjoy the N.C.  Zoo's hospitality.   More to come on this as plans are firmed up.

The Maggie Valley NC Show in August  flyer is out, and thanks to Gary Dilley and his wild 36 Ford fender less Hot Rod, it a very colorful and bright.  Please make plans for the 2nd annual "Smokin Rodz in the Smokies: Pre-49 Car Show.  If you didn't get to attend the first one, it has it all:  Location, Scenery, Great Cars, Vendors, Swap Meet Items and Great Weather!  All the Southeastern State Reps along with Jim and Debbie Bledsoe will be there to make your show experience the best it can be!  Please make plans to come on out,  Ya'll! 

VSRA will have a booth at "Run to the Sun" in Myrtle Beach in March 16-18, and look forward to seeing many of your members that stop by the booth each year to say hello! Wow is the 29th year for this show and I've attended 28 of them!  Still a great show with over 3,000 entries and many vendors on the grounds!

Enough BS for this month keep those wheels a rolling!   Proud to be a VSRA member!

Wayne "Buckarooo" Buxton

VSRA Southeastern  Div. Director

Ron’s Corner

 Well, gang it's been a while since I've been able to 'take my street rod out for a spin' ! Too cold or rainy weather has kept the hot rod in the garage. I miss the highway and can hear it calling ! Won't be long now until we get to burn the road up as we travel to any of the many events scheduled for the up coming rod run season. Make sure that you mark EVERY VSRA show/event and make them all, if possible!

Well time for an update on our DeSoto project. First a brief refresher; we were challenged to build a running driving street rod for a total expenditure of $15,000 !  This was brought on by a discussion of how expensive it is to have an old car to drive and enjoy. Some folks say it's only for the wealthy or 'well off' people. So I accepted the challenge. Now to keep things in prospective we are not building a 'show' car or something that cannot be constructed in a home shop/garage. Thus we are NOT counting labor hours and/or expense.

OK, so now let's get up to speed. With the help of good friend and fellow rodder/member Scott Dennis the all original, running 1929 DeSoto sedan was disassembled. When last reported Scott and I had installed an aftermarket Mustang II type front suspension and were headed for the back. We then remover the factory spring pads from a GM 10 bolt differential and replaced them with new in the needed location to match the DeSoto rear spring width. Once that was done we installed the unit. The car’s owner purchased some Jag steel wheels and had new radial tires mounted so now we were once again a roller.

As mentioned in an earlier article once the original drive train was removed we discovered that EVERYTHING was mounted to the motor and transmission - all clutch and brake units and support were on those units so we have nothing but open frame rails. That meant scratch building master cylinder and brake pedal mounts! So that became the next order of business.  Once that had been accomplished we made motor and transmission brackets and installed the Chevy 4.3 V/6 engine and 700R4 trans.

Since this was a newer S-10 combination it came with a TBI fuel injection that the owner decided to retain. This meant we had to order a wiring harness to adapt the unit to the street rod that included the ECM (computer) needed to control the fuel injection set-up. Once it arrived we continued the build.  In the pictures that follow you will see that we mounted the service port, fuel pump relay and computer fuse panel in upper right side of cowl panel.  You will also see that we mounted the gauges below the dash with the service engine light, signal light indicators and high beam indicator.

After plumbing the brake system and including the necessary check valves we began wiring the engine and finally reassembling the car. So here is a list of expenditures so far;

1929 DeSoto - $8500
2002 4.3 V/6 & 700R4 trans - 575
JW Rod Shop front suspension - $1850
wheels & tires - 300
used steering column - $60
strg u-joints and linkage - 160
master cyl & parts - $275
Computer and wiring harness - 575

For a total to date expense of $12,295
We need exhaust, rear shocks, mics fluids and some glass to be road ready and still have about $2700 to get those items! Now, again we did not count labor, installed some used but good parts and won't win trophies, but we will be having fun in an old car that gets more than its share of thumbs up comments !
Ron & Dee - still smiling

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