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July 18

Ron's Cormer

Wow !! What a year so far ! It's either hotter than a Hemi without a fan or wetter than the asphalt under that overheated Hemi !! We have had more rain in the last 2 months since we got back to Kentucky than we had ALL winter in Florida! On the plus side that does make for lots of 'shop' time. But first a show update. Since taking over the helm here at Vintage Street Rodders of America I have been searching for new 'just right' venues for our shows. Last years show in Medina saw another decline in attendance. Therefore the decision was made to move that show to a new location. If you, our members, don't support a spot we will look elsewhere. So if you have a location you like that can support us and allow for growth, please send me the information and we'll see what we can do. Currently we are looking in the Dayton/Columbus area with dates mid year.

Also being investigated are events in northern Florida and one in Kentucky. These two are close to being finalized as we write this newsletter. We would seriously consider going back to Maggie Valley if we hear from enough members that want that show. Our shows must have good member participation to be worth the time and club funds needed to promote. So please let me hear from you.

As I mentioned in the newsletter last month we will once more have a great presence and membership booth at the 44th Frog Follies in Evansville, In August. Make plans to come join us! Not only will we be seeking new members, we will also present a VSRA "Favorite" award and a Youth award. WE will of course have the new merchandise there for sale as well. This show proves that the pre-49 vibe is alive and well !!

This October we will again have a Vintage Tour run put together by Jim Bledsoe. As usual Jim has a great trip planned with lots of fun, fellowship and fun. Please see Jim's article for all the details, stops and hotel arrangements. BE SURE TO MENTION THAT YOU ARE WITH THE VINTAGE STREET RODDERS !! Jim has made provisions for better rates than if you're not with us. Also the ONLY rooms available in Quincy are thru VSRA. Only use the phone numbers provided to make sure you get our rate.

If you haven't checked out the web site or our facebook chat page, you haven't seen our latest addition to our merchandise line. We have added two great logo wall clocks and a fantastic traffic viewfinder to the items available. One clock is an 11 inch, battery powered clock with a black face, VSRA logo and a brushed aluminum case. The second is a 15 inch nostalgia type clock also battery powered. It also features the VSRA logo on a white face surrounded by an antique aqua case. Both clocks have been well received so far and current supplies are limited. If our members like them and want them we will order more and keep in stock.


The HiTech 'LightInSight' traffic signal viewfinders are fantastic units that are almost invisible when installed and are a must for chopped or real small windshields. We are also working on some more shirts and designs to show off VSRA pride !! As of this writing we have four new members to welcome;

Dave Huber of Louisville, Ky with a 32 Ford

Larry S Johnson from Shepherdsville, Ky who owns a 32 Ford

Lowell G Alvey living in Leitchfield, Ky driving a 39 Chevy

Kelly S McClanahan resides in Mich and has a 32 Ford

A HUGH RODDING FAMILY WELCOME to each of you !! Who have you told about our group lately ? Remember we are the ONLY nationally chartered pre-49 organization in the country !! Let's do everything we can to keep real street rodding ( 1948 and older) alive and growing.

My roadster project is coming along, but not as quickly as hoped due in part to my inability to say " NO " when someone has trouble with their rides ! I am helping a friends relative who was 'taken' by a now closed shop on the building of his 1939 Chevy. But the roadster is still a lot closer than it was. I am in the process of aligning body parts and final assemble before tear down and paint. One day............

As promised last month, a little humor will close each column. So here is the current attempt -

We all know how precious our grandchildren are ! Listed are some interesting comments made at school to their teachers;

Teacher; Johnnie why are you late ?

Johnie - Because you started before I got here !

Teacher - Glen why are you always so dirty?

Glen - Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are !

Teacher - Susie, name something important that we have now that we didn't have 10 years ago

Susie - That's easy, ME !

Teacher - Clyde, your paper about your dog is exactly like your sisters! Did you copy her paper?

Clyde - No Ma'am, it's the same dog !!

Well I better get back to work - See You On The Street - Your Antique Teenager - Ron Goben

Ron & Dee - still smiling

Jim’s Corner

My friend Willie and I just got back off the Hot Rod Power Tour last week. We left on June 9th and got back on the 16th. We were Long Haulers. We did 7 cities in 7 days. Driving a little over 2,000 miles. The 34 Dodge Panel was flawless throughout the journey. We did have one scare when I lost all power. But after an inspection of about 30 min., I realized that I had accidentally turned off the kill switch under the seat while cleaning out some paperwork under one of the seats. The best part of the trip was getting to spend a little time with The King, Richard Petty. I have been a Petty fan since the age of 13. We got mixed up on the day that the Petty Garage had invited the Long Haulers to come by the shop for lunch so we ended up at Petty Garage a day early. This turned out to be a good thing. Richard came through the museum while we were there and I got my Power Tour shirt signed and after that he made his way out to the panel truck where he checked it out. One comment that he made that I will never forget. He said “What’s a picture of a Damn Ford doing on the side of a Dodge”. I tried to explain to him that we had made the logo before I built the panel truck. But, kiddingly, he wasn’t buying that. That sort of proved to me that he was still partial to Dodges. Below are pictures of Richard checking out the panel truck. The third picture shows Willie and I with Sam Memmelo who we ran into while going through his hometown. Sam and some of his friends were on the side of the road greeting the Power Tour.

Hillbilly Rods Car Show

Several of our members have expressed an interest in going to Maggie Valley, NC to the Hillbilly Rods Show on July 13th and 14th at the Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, as sort of a VSRA get-together this year since we are not hosting any shows this year. So make your reservations now for two days of fun and camaraderie.

2018 Vintage Rod Tour

Although we are not having any shows this year, we are going to do a Vintage Rod tour in the Fall. It will be called the Color Run since the Tin Dusters show, where we will be going, is called the Color Run. The 2018 tour will begin in Shepherdsville, Kentucky on Tues. Oct. 16th where we will have a Kick-off party at Ron Goben’s garage. On Wednesday morning we will head out for South Bend, Indiana, 254 miles away, where we will tour the Studebaker Museum. On Thursday morning we will head out for Springfield, Ill. 269 miles away. On our last day on the road, we will only have to go around 100 miles to Quincy, Ill. where we are going to attend the Color Run which is a Pre-49 show put on by the Tin Dusters of Quincy, Ill. We have been told that if we get to Quincy on Friday afternoon that we will not miss any activities.

After running a long tour last year to Boerne, Tx, we decided to do a short but sweet tour this year. Five days and only 638 miles from our starting point. This should be a great laid back drive with plenty of nature’s fall color to brighten our way. So give us a call and we’ll get you signed up for another memorable tour. Below is a list of the motels and prices for the Tour

* Tues. Oct. 16th Best Western 211 S. Lakeview Dr. Shepherdsville, Ky. $102 502-543-7097
* Wed. Oct. 17th Inn at St. Mary’s 5399 Indiana St. Rt. 933 South Bend, Ind. $110 574-232-4000
* Thurs. Oct. 18th Comfort Inn 3675 South 6th St. Springfield, Ill. $104 217-529-8898
* Fri. Oct. 19 - 20th Comfort Inn 4122 Broadway St. Quincy, Ill. $125 217-316-3204

When making your reservations, please mention that you are with the Vintage Street Rodders group.

Great News !!! We are in the process of getting the ability to send printed newsletters ! We have a source to print our articles and limited pictures and are actively seeking advertisers now. If you or a company you know would be interested in advertising with us please let us know. Our rates are very reasonable and include both online newsletter and printed 'magazine' newsletters for the same cost. Ads are available from business card size to full page, and everywhere in between. As our membership grows and circulation increases the value and benefits also grow. So get in on the ground floor now and let's tell the world what we're doing/selling !!

For rate info contact;

2060 Bogard Ln
Mt Washington, Ky 40047
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