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July 2016

Jim’s Corner

It’s been a very busy year so far.  After returning from the Ohio Nationals, Debbie and I attended the Mountaineer Antique Show in Asheville, NC. the very next week end.  After that show was over on Sat., we drove down to Lake Junaluska, just a few miles away, to spend the night.  For those that have never visited the Asheville area,  Lake Junaluska is a beautiful lake nestled in the North Carolina Mountains.  It is also the home for the World Methodist Council.  If you are coming to the Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies show, make sure you take time to cruise around this 124 acre lake, for it is only around six miles from our show site in Maggie Valley.  Better than that, you may want to come a few days early to enjoy the scenery, antique stores and Harrah’s Casino.  Now, after plugging the Maggie Valley area, I’ll get back to our working visit to Maggie Valley!!!   We delivered posters advertising our show to the restaurants and auto parts stores in the area.  Keep in mind that we were driving the 34 Panel Truck which created an interest to everyone who saw it.  This made a statement that we were serious about what we were doing.  We also went by and talked some more with Dale Walksler, owner  of Wheels Through Time Museum.  Dale confirmed that he would be there for the Cruise-in on Thursday evening.  We spent most of the day in 90 degree heat distributing our posters.  Hopefully this will bring out some interested local spectators to our show.

Ohio Nationals

This year’s show started out with a slight drizzle at our Thursday night Cruise-in on the Medina Square.  We had around forty-five cars show up despite the drizzle.  This year’s Mayor’s Choice went to Sam Bristow with a 1935 Chevy 2 Dr Sedan from Winston Salem, NC.

Our registration process was much more pleasing to our participants this year because of the new office that was built.  We also displayed our merchandise in the new office and outside under the club tent.  Also, another plus was that we had great weather on both Friday and Saturday.  It’s about time!!!

Our Street Rod Building Seminars conducted on Friday and Saturday by our Northeast Director, Ron Goben, were a big hit.  I checked in from time to time on both of them and both days he had what I would call a full house if they were conducted in a normal size class room.  Ron also said he had good participation.  On Friday, Ron covered Overheating Solutions and on Saturday he covered Brakes.

Our Reverse Steer Car that The Sandman (Carl Bilski) engineered for us was a big hit for everyone who tried it.  The Sandman named it “The Divorcer”.  One of the best moments, that I did not get to see, was when The Sandman managed to get on the car and Frank Farroni  pushed him around the course in what I was told at record breaking time especially for their age!!  Guys, not saying you are old or nothing but you are in the upper age bracket of our group!!!   Thanks guys for your young spirit.

Thanks to Dave Herrmann and his wife, Mary, for hosting our Friday night cook-out.  Dave’s  beautiful manmade lake, that he and his brother built, was a perfect setting for our cook-out.  We had great weather and a good turnout of 62 cars.  We would like to thank Bill Nicholl and Bill Busch, who were our chefs, that prepared grilled chicken with baked beans, potato salad and hotdogs.  Thanks also to Jim Sorine who supplied his huge grill that he fabricated several years ago that we have used for six years.  We got to tour Dave’s collection of Cushman motorcycles and street rods.  Ron will elaborate on his collection in Ron’s Corner next month.

We would like to commend Bob and Nancy Russell for the great job they did raising money for the 50/50 pot.   We had a drawing on both days, so we had two winners.   In total, we were able to donate $757 to Al Koran Shriners Hospital/Transportation Fund in Cleveland, Ohio.  Thanks to all who bought tickets for this great cause.

We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to all the volunteers who helped in Medina. We would not be able to put these shows on without your help.

At the end of the day on Saturday, we announced the 25 VSRA Picks and they drove through the open pavilion to accept their plaque.  You may go to our Website,, to see a video of the winners receiving their plaques. Jeremy with Tall Order, our DJ, filmed this for us.  We thank Tall Order for the good job they do for us.  

On Saturday night after the show was over, Deb and I returned to the hotel only to find pictures of the Humpback posted all through the hotel.  The picture depicted the Humpback hauling a couple of horses and the caption on the picture said “Equine Alert, Vehicle of Interest, Anyone with Information call BR-549”.  Not sure, but we think the West Virginia Mafia was responsible!!!   We also suspect that the women in the group thought up this scheme.  We all like to have fun and guys-we appreciate your humor and thanks for the memories.  We’ll get you back!!

We hope everyone had a Great Time this year and will return next year.  Below are the 25 VSRA Picks.

Jerry Bowman                     Wooster, Ohio                       1935 Chevy Master

Ray Mosser                          Jefferson, Ohio                      1937 Ford Delivery

David Resanovich               Finley, Pa.                             1937 Ford Slant Back

Don Snyder                          Shelby, Ohio                          1929 Hudson

Ken Merunski                       Seven Hills, Ohio                   1935 Ford 5 window cpe

Eugene Brown                      North Canton, Ohio               1929 Ford Sedan Delivery

Tom Koehl                            Wheeling, WV                        1934 Ford PU

Keith Dawson                       Amherst, Ohio                        1948 Chevy PU

Brent Mitchell                       Findlay, Ohio                          1938 Chevy PU

Herb & Debbie Winner         Ridgeway, SC                        1932 Ford Roadster

Michael Sinclair                    Brunswick, Ohio                     1931 Ford Roadster

Robert Russell                      Bucyrus, Ohio                        1933 Chevy 2 dr sedan

Rick Dlugoz                          Brunswick, Ohio                     1932 Ford Cpe

Bud Zinn                               Salem, WV                             1935 Ford Cpe.

Roger Plaster                       Middlebury, In                         1934 Dodge Sedan Delivery

Wayne Ludwig                     Toledo, Ohio                           1940 Ford

Jack Gwinn                           N Bloomfield, Ohio                 1932 Plymouth

Terry Sampsel                      Swanton, Ohio                        1947 Ford

Bob Herman                         Broad View Hts., Ohio            1932 Ford Roadster

Roger Siegfried                    Hinckley, Ohio                         1939 Ford Cpe

Tom Orr                                Clinton, Ohio                           1932 Ford Cpe

Bob & Sue Benic                  Hudson, Ohio                          1936 Chevy

Ernie Heath                          Hinckley, Ohio                         1932 Ford

Dan Collins                           Littlestown, Pa.                       1932 Willys Sedan

Dave P. Lewis                      Finleyville, Pa.                         1930 Ford PU

Jerry Bowman’s  1935 Chevy Master Town Sedan will be the 2017 Featured car which will appear on all the 2017 T-shirts and plaques.


For more pictures of the show you can click on the links below:  


Cruise In:


Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies

Please make plans to attend our First Annual Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies Show in Maggie Valley, NC and bring a street rodder with you.  Come early and enjoy the scenery of the Smokies.  Maggie Valley is a small tourist town without the traffic like other tourist towns.  It is near historic Waynesville, NC which has quaint brick sidewalks, galleries, breweries, gourmet restaurants and gift stores. Make sure you arrive on Thursday so you can attend our Cruise-in at the Wheels Through Time Museum in which you will get to meet Dale Walksler, the owner and host of the TV show on the History Channel “What’s in the Barn”.   On Friday evening, we will all cruise to Harrah’s Casino for eats and gambling fun.  We are not promoting heavy gambling, so play at your own risk!!!

***** We would like to have a silent auction at the Maggie Valley show.  If you would like to clean out some of the stuff you have collected over the years and donate it to us for the auction, we would appreciate it, OR it can be a new item.    It does not have to be auto related.  ******

VSRA  Events

Vintage Rod Tour                           Nashville, Tn – Ft. Worth, Tx        April 23-May 1st
Ohio Nationals                               Medina, Ohio                                  June 24-25th
Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies    Maggie Valley, NC                           August 12th and 13th

Wayne’s Corner

Happy Summer time to ya'll!

The heat in South Carolina has been in the 90's for most of June and July and the car events and cruise-in's kind of slow down to a crawl. There are many more events going on in the middle part of the country than there are going on in the southeastern and deep south during the summer months.  I can tell by the ads in Gearhead Gazette for shows and cruise-ins, that the hobby is going strong in the midwest!  Ya Got to Drive Em is a good motto and I try to drive to all the events that I attend.  Remember VSRA is for the driven, 48 and down Hot Rods and Street Machines, and I endorse it to the max!

One area of VSRA that has not been discussed much is the wearing of our VSRA colors (T-Shirts, shirts and hats) when you attend a cruise-in or a car show  I have had more people ask about VSRA and it gives me the opening to tell them a little about our organization!  Also displaying your VSRA decal on your windshield is another way to get the word out about VSRA!  I'm looking forward to the August VSRA show at Maggie Valley, NC, "Smokin Rodz in the Smokies", cause I missed the Ohio Nationals due to medical problems, but I'm getting better each week and will be ready to go by August!  I really look forward to the Cruise-In Thursday evening at the Motor Cycle Museum and can tell you for sure you will be amazed at what you will see for FREE, cause I paid to see it all in 2014!

I think that the August show in Maggie Valley will be well received in the Southeastern part of the country, and I have passed out many flyers at events that I have attended this spring. I know that the Southeastern Division State Reps.are doing the same.  We're going to have participants all the way from Michigan, Louisiana, and from deep in the sunny state of Florida.

I know Jim and I will look forward to seeing the new State Reps. in their new shirts and come by the join booth, and say Hello to your State Rep.  Look forward to seeing many of you at the Maggie Valley Inn parking lot for some serious fun with all the VSRA membership!  Look for Rose Buxton and the Buckarooo parked near our blue 39 Chevrolet 4Dr "Master Deluxe and pull up a chair, but I warn you, it's hard to out BS and old displaced (50 yrs) Yankee! 

Wayne "Buckarooo" Buxton
Southeastern Division VSRA Director  

Kobalt Tool Chest Raffle 

Don’t forget to get your raffle tickets for the Kobalt 2 piece 20 Drawer Tool Chest that will be given away in Maggie Valley on Aug 13th.    You do not have to be present to win.  $1200 value

Street Rodder of the Year Award

Don’t forget to send in your mileage for the total miles you have driven your streetrod this year so you can be eligible for the Street Rodder of the Year Award.  This year’s award will be presented at the Smokin’ Rodz show in Maggie Valley.  For all the new members, the Street Rodder of the Year Award is given to the member who logs the most miles in that year.                 

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