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May 17


May 2017  VSRA  Newsletter

Jim’s Corner

Hope everyone is having a great spring.  We hear it’s been a little on the damp and cool side up north.    It was a little cool and a lot windy at the Auto Fair in Charlotte.  Despite the weather, I gave out a lot of information on all of our events.   We will continue to hit these big shows to help get the word out about Vintage Street Rodders of America. 

We have bought a sound system to use at our shows.  Our Northeast Director, Ron Goben, called me about this great buy, so we couldn’t pass it up.  For what we pay for a DJ at our shows, this unit will pay for itself the first time we use it.  We will not use it at the Ohio Nationals.  The DJ’s that we use at that show do a great job and are not very expensive.  I’m letting you guys know because we may need some help operating this system.  So if you have any DJ experience, we would appreciate your help.   Ron Goben is very good working as a DJ but we can’t depend on him alone.    


Sam Memmolo

Great News!!!  We have a Special addition to the action at the show in Maggie Valley this year.  Sam Memmolo will be in attendance this year.  Sam is well known in the automotive world via his TV and Radio show appearances.  He has been on air with tech advise shows like Shade Tree Mechanic, Two Guy’s Garage, Motorhead Garage and his current show now running on Velocity TV, Sam’s Garage.  He will be a valuable asset to our show with a meet and greet session as well as an Electrical Seminar.  He will be there on Friday and Saturday for all the fun.  So make your plans now to attend this year’s fantastic Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies.



                                                  Sam's Headshots 030.jpg


Eddie’s Rod Shop

We would like to congratulate Eddie Lawson of Eddie’s Rod Shop on his 40th Anniversary.   After working several automotive related jobs, including working for his brother Usif at Lawson’s Speed Shop, he decided to go into the streetrod parts supply business.  In April of 1977 he opened Eddie’s Rod Shop in Kingsport, Tenn.  Eddie came from a very large family of six boys and three girls.  Most of the boys and one of the girls were car enthusiast.  After the boys were of age and could afford to do so, they started tinkering with old hot rods, as most of the older rodders did in those days, they would do their own engineering putting together hot rods with parts and pieces from junkyard parts.  Eddie, Usif and one of the other brothers, Jackie, did some drag racing in the early sixties into the late seventies with a gasser called Little Hoss.  Eddie sells a glass bodied 1934 Ford 3 window coupe with a 1 ½” chop which he has the patent on.  Eddie is currently building a 1932 Ford two door sedan for himself and a 1934 Ford two door sedan for his brother, Usif.  They have had these cars for over forty years.  Eddie’s Rod Shop has built many cars in their 40 years and 90% were Pre-49.  They are well known for their high quality workmanship.  When you buy parts from Eddie, you also get the best in advice from a guy that has been around for a long time and has seen and done a lot, so the next time you need parts for your project, call Eddie at 423-323-2081 or go to  I promise you, you will not get a recording on what button to push unless he is on the other line giving advice, you will get the real deal.


Historical Car

VSRA Member, Chip Fair from Melbourne, Fl. has bought a very historical streetrod.  The car is a 1937 Ford Phaeton which was built by Dayton Wire Wheels of Dayton, Ohio for the 2007 SEMA Show.  It was driven from Cincinnati, Ohio to the SEMA Show in Las Vega with the Posies Driven Dirty Tour.  The Poises Driven Dirty Tour was a challenge thrown down by “Dutch” at the 2005 SEMA Show for a group of manufacturers to build a car and drive it cross country to prove their reliability. 

The 37 Phaeton was found two mile from the Dayton Wheel Headquarters.  It was originally delivered to Cincinnati with the rare dealer installed second windshield.  The body had been sectioned 4 inches, sometime in the 1950’s, to create a custom rod but it was never finished.  A rebuilt flathead was sourced with vintage speed equipment and a new 5 speed added.  The floors were repaired and a truck lid was custom made.  The body was left in it’s original barn find condition.  The brakes were updated to front disc and rear drums.   The car was driven over 4,000 miles up and back to the 2007 SEMA Show.  Congratulations Chip on your new old ride.  We hope to see this piece of history “DRIVEN” to one of our shows. On the following page are a few of the pictures that Chip sent of the car.      






Street Rod Safari

The Street Rod Safari is our new regional show at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, North Carolina on May 20th.  Thanks to Sam Bristow, our NC Rep. that just passed away in February and Rod Hackney who helped to set this show up with the Zoo.  Rod was a very big player in helping to run the original Street Rod Safari show which was a Pre-49 show.  This show is what the old street rodders referred to as the “Zoo Run”. We are bringing this show back to life and of course keeping it Pre-49.  This show will always be known as a memorial to Sam Bristow who loved the Pre-49 shows. We have revised the artwork for the show and added Sam’s car.  All the registered cars will get a dash plaque with this new design.  

We hope that most of you going to the show will join us at the Richard Petty Museum on Friday afternoon from 2-4:00 PM for an informal cruise-in.  We have talked to Richard’s daughter, Sharon, and she has agreed to put out the word to the locals that Vintage Street Rodders of America will be there on Friday afternoon if they want to come over for this cruise-in.  For those of you who have never been to this museum, you’re in for a treat.  

After the cruise-in, we will head to Kick Back Jacks in Asheboro for dinner and another cruise-in.  We have plans to be there around 5:00.  Wayne McGrady, one of our local members is helping set this up.  This should be a very fun event because of the sports bar type atmosphere.  We hope that you will be able to attend both or at least one of these events.

Because of the restrictions at the Zoo on outside food vendors, we are not able to have food vendors.  Please make plans to bring your own food if you do not plan on paying admission the Zoo.  The Zoo has food inside the gates.  We regret this inconvenience.  

Host hotel - Comfort Inn     825 West Dixie Dr.   Asheboro, NC    Phone 336-626-4414    $99

The North Carolina Zoo is the largest Zoo in the world, so bring the kids and grandkids and enjoy this great event.

Crooked Road Rod Run Car Show

The first Crooked Road Rod Run Car show will be presented by the Crooked Road Cruisers on June 10th in St. Paul, Va.  Registration will be from 9-12:00 PM on the day of the show.  The radio station 92.1 WDIC Shanghai will be broadcasting at the show.  This is an open car show and drug and alcohol free event.  There will be food vendors, door prizes, dash plaques to the first 100 cars and trophies for twenty five deserving cars.  There will be a special trophy for the Best of Show. The registration is twenty dollars per car and includes a chance to win a 350 Chevy engine.   All the proceeds from the registered cars will go to the St. Judes Childrens Research Center.  So come out and enjoy the fun and help raise money for St. Judes.  In case of rain, they will have it on July 1st.   For more information, call Billy Hillman at 276-762-2215.



2017 Vintage Rod Tour

Even though you may have read last month’s Newsletter, make sure you read this because we have finalized all the hotels.

   Our 2017 Vintage Rod Tour will begin on Oct. 9th in Chattanooga, Tenn. and end up at the Key to the Hills Pre-49 car show in Boerne, Texas.  This year’s Key to the Hills car show will be on Oct. 13-15. We will meet in Chattanooga, Tenn. on Oct. 8th and leave on Monday to travel to Montgomery, Al.  On Tuesday we travel to Monroe, La.  On Wednesday we travel to Dallas, Texas.  Our last travel day will be Thursday when we end up in Boerne, Texas.  The Key to the Hills car show is one of the longest running Pre-49 shows around. 

The following stops are only suggested stops and you will not be frowned upon if you decide not to make some of them.  If you have any other suggestions on where to stop, we will discuss them at our Drivers Meeting that we have every night in the hotel lobby.

    Coker Tire and Honest Charlie’s in Chattanooga, Tn

    Hanks Williams Museum in Montgomery, Al.

    Duck Dynasty Restaurant in Monroe, La.

    Lunch at Bodacious BBQ in Tyler, Texas 

    Cruise-in at Sachse’s Rod Shop in Sachse, Texas

    Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas  This is the shop owned by hosts of Fixer Upper TV Show.

Below is a breakdown of daily mileage:

Monday October 9                Chattanooga, Tenn. to Montgomery, Al.                      220 miles

Tuesday October 10              Montgomery, Al. to Monroe, La.                                  365 miles

Wednesday Oct. 11               Monroe, La. to Dallas, Texas                                       285 miles

Thursday Oct. 12                   Dallas, Texas to Boerne, Texas                                   293 miles

Total miles                                                                                                                1163 miles


                       The following is list of the hotels that we will use for the tour:

Oct. 8   Courtyard Marriott      2210 Bams Dr.     Chattanooga, Tenn.    423-499-4400    $79.00

Oct. 9   Holiday Inn Express    5135 Carmichael Rd.   Mont., Al            334-270-9199     $89.00

Oct. 10  Quality Inn   1401 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.   Monroe. La.      318-361-9944     $72.00

**Oct. 11  Best Western        2011 N. Highway 78       Wylie, Texas      972-429-1771    $70.00

Oct. 12-15 La Quinta Inn   25042 IH 10      West San Antonio, Texas    210-564-6700   $89.00

    ** This hotel would only block 10 rooms for $70.  If we need more than 10 rooms, the rate will be $90 for the rooms above 10.  First come gets the best rate.  This hotel is close to our Cruise-in and is very cheap for the Dallas area.  We were very pleased that we were able to get all the hotels on the tour for under $100.

 Let us know if you will be going on this year’s tour and we will send you a tour sticker for your car.

2017 VSRA Events

Street Rod Safari at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC                   May 20

Ohio Nationals in Medina Ohio                                                                  June 23 and 24

Smokin’ Rodz in the Smokies in Maggie Valley, North Carolina                August 11 and 12

Vintage Rod Tour (Key to the Hills)                                                           October 8-15


Wayne’s Corner

Nice to visit with ya'll again,

Here it is May 2017 and so looking forward to hitting the road up to the Street Rod Safari Regional Car Show at Asheboro, NC.  This new show will be in honor of Sam Bristow, our N.C. State Rep who passed away suddenly.  He will be missed by family,  friends and all the Street Rodders that came in contact with Sam over the years.  Looking forward to meeting new and old VSRA members on the grounds of the NC State Zoo.  I am told that this location was the site of a very successful Car Show in years past and sincerely hope that many of our VSRA members will attend and enjoy the North Carolina State Zoo while you are here for the Car Show.

The Comfort Inn has rolled out the Red Carpet for us with special rates for VSRA, so identify yourself when you make a reservation and ask for the VSRA Show Special rate. Our Event Staff and I  will be looking for 15 VSRA Picks and other Speciality Awards, but let's face it , coming to VSRA shows is all about camaraderie and fellowship and not necessarily about awards.  It's all about the drive and the beautiful scenery of the Mid South area of the USA. Make the most of the drive to the show and meeting old friends and meeting new ones.  The bond that ties us altogether is Pre-49 Driven Cars and Trucks.  Our little convoy from Ga. and SC will be going to Asheboro, N.C.  for the very first time and we have been mapping out our trip with anticipation of hitting the road to a new place.  Thank God for Google Maps and GPS, or we would be lost most of the time!

Congratulations are in order to Jerry Johns our Alabama State Rep. who scored a pick at the Goodguy's show in Raleigh, NC with his just finished 36 Ford Coupe.   Also, Thanks to Rod Hackney, Johnson Davis and Jerry Johns who put flyers in all the Pre-49 Cars and Trucks in attendance!  With our Street Rod Safari VSRA Show coming up on the 20th of May at the North Carolina Zoo, getting those flyers out will help a lot and bring new prospective members to the show!   We've grown by 900 members and are headed toward 1000 members.  Thanks to all the Southeastern State Reps that are getting the word out about VSRA with flyers and word of mouth.  Gentleman,  it's working and we are growing each month!

See Ya'll at the Asheboro, NC show on May 20th and say Hello to all the hard working State Reps. that will be assisting with putting on the show!

Buckarooo Buxton

Southeastern Div. Director




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