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Sept '18

Well a lot of summer has come and gone ! Man, does time fly when one is busy, and busy we have been! Working on events, setting up at the Frog Follies (more on this later) and making arrangements for the Oct Color Tour to Quincy, Il as well as working in the shop, in the office, keeping the little lady happy and spending valued time with the grandkids leaves little 'free' time. But I love it !

We still don't have a definite date for the “Swamp Rat” Rod Extravaganza but it will be the first or second weekend of April,2019. As soon as contracts are signed I will post the dates on our chat page, website and in the newsletter. We DO have definite dates for our summer run, the "Brookville Roadster Ohio Nationals”. That outing will be June 28,29 and 30, 2019. It will be held at the Golden Gate Park just off I-70 in Brookville, Ohio. The town is a little north west of Dayton and is a picture perfect small American town. Included in your participation packet is a free tour of the Brookville Roadster plant as we watch them make those ever so sweet model A bodies ! Hotel numbers and deals soon to be listed.

After hearing from many of our members as to where you wanted to go we have agreed to return to Maggie Valley, N.C. However this time we will be in the mountains in the fall, Oct 25, 26 and 27, 2019

We are told the fall colors are spectacular and though maybe chilly in the morning, quite comfortable during the day. Haven't had time to get details such as host hotel and rates yet, but I will asap.

We had a great time in Evansville ,In at the Frog Follies hosted by the E'ville Iron club. They do a fantastic job of putting on the finest pre-49 event in the country ! We had a membership sign-up booth, merchandise for sale and general 'bench racing' area as usual. We sold some VSRA merchandise and signed some new members. Several members assisted in the booth with set-up, tear down and sales all weekend long. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all those that helped.

Special thank you to Jerry Johns and Scott Dennis for their efforts in selecting our award winners ! This is no easy task. Our youth winner is just 23 years young and is building his 1946 Ford with a little help from the family !

Our adult winners purchased their 1936 Chevy in 1995 and started the process of building a street rod. Today the coupe is a beautiful example of a quality rod! Congrats to both award recipients.

Now make sure you have your hotels lined up the Color Tour Jim Bledsoe has arranged. We will be leaving from or host hotel on Wednesday, Oct16th headed for South Bend, In and the Studebaker Museum. But first, on Tuesday evening the 15th Dee and I will host a cookout at our place in Mt Washington for all those going on the tour or close enough to come share an evening with us.

Hosts are:

• Tuesday- Shepherdsville, Ky – Best Western – 502-543-7097
• Wednesday – South Bend, In – Inn at St Mary's-574-232-4000
• Thursday – Springfield, Il – Comfort Inn – 217-329-8898
• Friday – Quincy, Il – Comfort Inn – 217-228-2700

New Merchandise

We have new collared 'polo' style logo shirts available light blue, dark blue and white in limited sizes and quantities for $20 each. We also have added soft crocheted logo key chains. They won't tear your pocket or 'stab' you in the side. The key chains are only $8. So get your official logo VSRA and show your colors !!

Well I have rambled enough this month so it's time to get funny or get out !! Therefore, here are this month's chuckles. Since we all love our kids this time we will have some real test answers from some teenagers in high school.

1) In which battle did Napoleon die? Student – his last ! 2) Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? Student – at the bottom of the page 3) River Ravi flows in which state? Student – liquid 4) What is the main reason for divorce? Student – marriage 5) What is the main reason for failure? Student – exams 6) What looks like half an apple/ student – the other half 7) If you throw a red stone into a blue sea what will it become? Student – wet 8) How can a man go 8 days without sleeping? Student – simple, sleep at night 9) How do you lift an elephant with one hand? Student – never find a one handed elephant ! 10) How can you drop an egg onto a concrete floor without breaking it? Student – concrete is VERY hard to break

Be safe out there and I'll See You on the Street – Your Antique Teenager – Ron Goben

Jim's Corner

We had around 20 members show up in Maggie Valley for the Hillbilly Rod's Car Show. It was suggested by Wayne Buxton that we attend this show as sort of a reunion for VSRA members as we aren't doing any formal runs this year.

2018 NSRA Nationals
We had a great opportunity to display the VSRA panel truck inside the South Wing at this year's show in Louisville, Ky. We took them up on the offer and it turned out really good for VSRA ! We were able to speak with hundreds of street rodders and tell them about VSRA. Below is a picture of the panel inside the building. Great fun.

2018 Roadster Run
VSRA member Wayne Hawk asked us to advertise this event. It is a pre-1936 roadsters and Phaetons ! This is a 100-mile cruise from Alton, Ill. To Grafton, Ill. On Sept 22 this year. For more info please call Mel Lawyer at 217-823-9912. Pocahontas Rod Run

The Pocahontas Rod Run put on by the Radius Rods will be on Sept 16, 2018 in Pocahontas, Ill Registration is from 9am – noon and is free. There will be novelty trophies. This is their 41st year of hosting this pre-49 event. Located about 40 miles east of St. Louis on I-40. Additional information by calling Jim Nance at 618-791-0893.

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