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First and foremost, VSRA is a people organization that just happens to own some of the nicest vehicles in America. While we appreciate our street rods, enjoy driving them, showing them and talking about them, it is the people behind them that we admire the most.

Vintage Street Rodders of America was chartered in late 2009 and started taking membership in Feb 2010.  VSRA was initiated by Kingsport, Tennessee native Jim Bledsoe because he wanted to keep Street Rodding alive for the True Street Rodder, with a belief that a street rod is a Pre-49 vehicle.

In 2018, lifetime member Ron Goben took over VSRA operations. The ageless street rodder relocated the Pre-49 club from Mt. Washington, Kentucky to Fruitland Park, Florida where he maintains operations.

VSRA is a DRIVING ORGANIZATION which encourages members to build, drive and maintain their Pre-49 street rods.

VSRA also has a team of State Rodder Reps.  They are a major help in advertising the shows by passing out flyers and cards and recruiting new members.

VSRA has an awesome staff of Volunteers that help put on the shows.  From setting up, to working the gates, registration, selling merchandise and 50/50 tickets, taking pictures, and whatever else needs to be done – they are there.  All of the Reps and Volunteers are again very much appreciated.  The shows can’t go on without them. VSRA is a hands on – tight knit organization.

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DEFINITION:       True Street Rodder

A loyal automobile enthusiast who builds, maintains, drives, and enjoys a pre-1949 car or truck.
As true street rodders, we believe that BUILDING, MAINTAINING, and actually DRIVING/ENJOYING our Pre-49 Street Rods is the definition of TRUE STREET RODDING.
It has also become increasingly evident that there is a huge need for an organization that caters to us – the true street rodder! We would like to invite you to join us! Vintage Street Rodders of America is and will always remain limited to Pre-49 Cars and Trucks  and we want to hear from you!

Send us your thoughts, comments, preferences on all things street rodding – your opinion is important to us!  Email us at: ronhotrod @ yahoo.com or call 502-415-6647.