VSRA Constitution and By-Laws


1. The name of this organization will be “Vintage Street Rodder’s of America.”
2. The Logo will be as seen at the top of this page.


1. To promote the interest in restoring and driving Pre-1949 cars and trucks. 2. To promote the importance of maintaining the mechanical safety aspects of our vehicles.
3. To hold organized events and rod runs. 4. To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among our members.
5. Reckless driving and speeding will not be tolerated on our show grounds.
6. You do not have to own a Pre-1949 car or truck to join VSRA. With this membership youwill have the same benefits as all of our members. You and one companion will also be admit free to all of our events. When and if you acquire a Pre-1949 car or truck, you will be expected to pay and entry fee if entering your vehicle.
7.You do not have to be a member of VSRA
8.Vintage Street Rodders of America will always be dedicated to Pre-1949 cars and trucks only
9.To be voted for a favorite, your vehicle must be driven to the show. 10. We will be promoting and organizing Rod Runs to our events.


Dues will be $35.00 for one year or $60.00 for two years.
These prices are subject to change with the economy.
Lifetime membership is $500.00. Lifetime members will receive a free club jacket.
Membership dues are subject to change with economic conditions.

Article IV Officers

1 President
2 Secretary
3 Webmaster
4 Safety Director
5 Chaplin

Article V

Safety Program ( when implemented )
A safety director will be appointed with assistance from regional volunteers. Inspections are on a volunteer basis and not required
All vehicles passing inspection will receive a safety decal

Article VI Host Clubs

Host clubs will be sought for assistance with duties involved with daily needs of the event
V.S.R.A. Members will be asked to help with duties at events.
Each volunteer will get an event tee shirt free.
Host clubs with 6 or more helpers will receive 10% of spectator funds collected

Article VII Charter members

Every charter member ( first 500 ) will receive a black tee shirt bearing charter member status. Any charter member that renews their membership ON THEIR DUE DATE will never have the dues increased.

Article VIII Benefits

Members in good standing shall pay reduced entry fees to our shows/rod runs.
A monthly or bi-monthly newsletter will be available to keep members informed of all organizational activities.
A logo windshield decal will be provided to identify one as a member.
A website and social media outlets will be open to members for communicating with and/or
learning, discussing and announcing happenings and general information.
Being a part of the driving force keeping true street rodding alive and well

Article IX State Representatives

Each area with larger numbers of members shall be eligible for a state rep to be named. Said representative will be a volunteered position to be filled/appointed by the president.
Every state rep will receive a logo shirt identifying him/her as a state representative
Reps will not be charged or pay entry fees to V.S.R.A. Events.

Article X Conduct

All members, persons displaying V.S.R.A. Logo or attending sponsored events shall conduct themselves in a safe and polite manner at all times
Intoxication, vulgar language or actions, aggressive action will be grounds for removal from event without a refund of any paid fees
All unlawful or unsafe operation of a motor vehicle will be grounds for rejection

Article XI Member Input

Vintage Street Rodders of America will be lead by members input as to when, where and how events and actions are taken.
All members in good standing have a say in organizational operations as long as said input is in the best interest of ALL members.
Members meetings will be held during all V.S.R.A. outings to allow for input.
A majority vote will be the deciding factor in most cases.

Article XII Attendance

V.S.R.A. Shows will NOT be restricted to members only. Pre-49 vehicles are allowed to register and attend and owners are encouraged to join but not required.
Only vehicles driven to the event should be considered for awards, but we realize that some exception apply.
On special occasions and shows vehicles of NO NEWER than 1964 may be invited to participate in our event as guests only. Separate award for those vehicles will be required.

Article XIII Amendments

V.S.R.A. Constitution changes must be made by majority vote or board approval unless required by law.
Vintage Street Rodders of America remains a “pre-49” organization until such time as it is deemed unsustainable to do so.
At that time a membership vote or board decision will be required to determine the future.