VSRA Constitution and By-Laws

Article I               NAME AND LOGO

1.       The name of this organization will be “Vintage Street Rodders of America.”

2.       The Logo can be seen on the bottom of this page or the Home  page.

Article II              OBJECTIVES

1.       To promote the interest in restoring and driving Pre-1949 cars and trucks.

2.       To promote the importance of maintaining the mechanical safety aspects of our vehicles.

3.       To hold organized events and rod runs throughout the continental United States.

4.       To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among our members.

5.       Reckless driving and speeding will not be tolerated on our show grounds.

6.       You do not have to own a Pre-1949 car or truck to join VSRA.  With this membership you will have the same benefits as all of our members.  You and one companion will also be admitted free to all of our events.  When and if you acquire a Pre-1949 car or truck, you will be expected to pay an entry fee if entering your vehicle.

7.       You do not have to be a member of VSRA to enter a car or truck in our shows.

8.       Vintage Street Rodders of America will always be dedicated to Pre-1949 cars and trucks only.

9.   We will be promoting and organizing Rod Runs to our events.

Article III             MEMBERSHIP DUES

1.       Dues will be $35.00 for one year or $50.00 for two years.
       These prices are subject to change with the economy.

2.       Lifetime membership is $500.00.  Lifetime members will receive a free club jacket.

3.       Membership dues are subject to change with economic conditions.

Article V              SAFETY PROGRAM (when implemented)

1.       Safety inspections will be done by Regional Safety Representative Volunteers.

2.       Volunteer safety representatives will work under our safety director.

3.       All vehicles that pass safety inspection will receive a safety pass sticker for their vehicle.

Article VI             HOST CLUBS

1.       Volunteer host clubs will provide the man power to help put on our shows.

2.       Volunteer host club members will work with our directors during these events.

3.       Club members, who help with the show, will get a free event T-shirts.


 1.    Dues for Charter Members who renew on their Renewal Date will never increase.